They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. I love to capture raw emotion in the eyes, faces full of emotion that tell a story of love and happiness or contentment and peace and sometimes...sadness. Every day there is beauty in the world just waiting to be caught in a picture and I look for it.


I have photographed all kinds of events and work mostly now on wedding, family,  children's and teen celebrations and corporate events or sports.Growing up in a big ever-changing family afforded me plenty of chances to practice and try new things and over the years economy and rising costs have given me many chances to photograph events for friends and co-workers as well as family and many others along the way. I work with brides, families, sports teams and even high school seniors and while I may not make the "big bucks" I meet amazing people and always have a blast!

I'm very flexible and funny and that helps to make every shoot stress free and relaxed. I do not shoot "gallery style" photos that are posed and professionally lit. I take photos of people in life with natural light and real emotions that make you want to smile. 


I grew up in a small town where the kids played outside until the street lights came on and all our games were made from our imaginations! I fell in love with pictures one summer using my mom's old Kodak camera and spent the whole summer following my mom around hoping she would give me just enough money for a candy and one more roll of film. I love color and sunlight. I love the rain and the way that it makes everything look clean and sparkle through the light. I love the way snow makes everything look peaceful and I love people~ All kinds of People, I love horses and the simpleness of the country and I love to take pictures.

Natural Light Photography

Time Through A Lens Photography