I am always being asked what the best thing is to wear for a photo shoot and I thought it would help to put together a list of suggestions to help with finding the right look and share that here. When you are going for either your senior photos, family photos, or engagement pictures there are some basic things to think about that will help in picking the right clothes & accessories for you and your people! Always think about where you have chosen to be photographed, if it is a live location and not a studio or outdoors at a park or water location. Also, think about your skin tone, hair color and colors in the location you are headed to. Also try and picture what you want your photos to look like…put it together in your head!

What to Wear....or Not!

1. Choose a base look or "feel"
Start with no more than 3 colors and avoid neons and reds as well as horizontal stripes and heavy patterns as the primary clothing for everyone. Instead choose a solid top with jeans or a great skirt and accentuate with matching jewelry or a great scarf for texture and patterns. Busy patterns take away from your face and expressions and make your photo all bout the patterns dominating. The days of “matching” for photos is all gone now and has been replaced with the idea of “Coordinating”. Using a 3-4 color pallet gives your people the look of belonging together and yet leaves each person to their own individuality. Also, mixing stripes with plaids and tweeds is okay in layers! Expression is important. We want to see your personality through your wardrobe so feel free to work in that retro hat and scarf or those team Jerseys.

2. Skip the love of cartoons...just this time
Try to avoid cartoon and characters on clothing for kids. While the Ninja Turtles are awesome, you don’t want to see then on your wall for years to come. Instead, keep in mind that you want photos to be timeless and natural looking. Try comfortable jeans rolled up with suspenders and barefoot feet or a great hat or stuffed animal or favorite book. LAYER~LAYER~LAYER!!!

3.   It's about the colors
Consider your skin tone and hair colors. Pale skin and light blond hair look amazing in rich tones and pastels with fun accessories but all white shirts- even with small accessories will leave you washed out in light and rob you of texture and depth. 

4.  The look of the "Seasons"
I love nature and nature in the background is always beautiful. In summer you want soft colors and pretty accents whereas in
winter I love to see bold browns, reds and purples with gold and green accents and jeans on families being photographed in parks with fallen leaves and water. If you choose sandals with your favorite capris in the summer remember that we will see those toes so include a coordinating polish to complete your look!

● 5.  Wear what is comfortable!
 If you aren’t comfortable in what you’ve chosen for pictures, it will show. If you can’t find a dress you feel good in, but you totally rock your favorite pair of skinny jeans, do that. If you can barely walk in heels, skip them and go for cute and comfy flat boots or pretty sandals. If you can’t be comfortable in a heel (like me), a wedge is a great alternative, too. Make sure you can move in what you’re wearing. The best photos are those you can tell your couple or family is being silly…playing together. Uncomfortable clothing will make your feel the same and will show in your pictures.
6. HAVE FUN!! 
Laugh and giggle. Carry her piggy back for your engagement photos or kiss her hand, bring her a flower, kiss her forehead. Love in a family is a visible emotion and comes out beautifully in photos. If you want to be in control of your shoot look through Pintrest. There is a never-ending supply of fun new ideas and if you fall in love…tell your photographer you like or are aiming for a certain look or style so we know what you are picturing too! The best thing you can do is just be you!!
** Photos courtesy of Pintrest!**



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